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Best International Film - Rio, Brazil - 2017

Best Mystery Film Vancouver - 2017

Best Artistic Contribution - Los Angeles - 2016!

Bronze Award-Los Angeles - 2016!

Finalist - New York City!

Special Prize - Brigantine Film Festival - June, 2013

Official selection - Marbella - 2012! !

Winner - The Missing Screenwriter - Moscow-2012!3

Best Innovative Screenplay - Corinth Intern Film Festival

Winner - Moscow International Film Festival 2011!

Great News & Trailers Released!

The Picture Is Locked!

Principal Photography is Complete!

The Film Has Been Cast!

Screenwriter Disappears Midway Through Moviemaking

Private Investigation Launched to Find Missing Screenwriter

Mysterious Cult May Be Linked to Missing Screenwriter

Crew Member Leaving

Haunted Production?

Crew Member Leaving

By John Fortin

In another line of strange occurrences plaguing the production of VM Productions' "Notes From the New World", Assistant to Director Colin Walsh has left the show citing outside possibly mafia related harassment...
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Colin Walsh

Crew Member Colin Walsh Leaves VM Production

Haunted Production?

By Timothy Starkweather

AP: VM Production's "Notes from the New World" suffered another setback this week when it was announced that The Theater Hub, a small live venue housing rehearsals for the film, will soon vanish. ...[read more]

The Hub Theatre

Theater Hub Has been Closed

The Show Goes On

By John Fortin

The show must go on, as they say in the theater. It's true in the film world as well. Even when the theater you rehearsed in is gone... [read more]

  Brett Mack       Devorah Dishington 
             Brett Mack  and Devorah Dishington Carry On