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Christy Angell     Marianthe Bezzerides   Ian Campbell   Christina Castro   Rich Crater   Annie Chang    
Christy Angell
(Assistant Editor)
    Marianthe Bezzerides
(Composer's Assistant, Music Programmer )
  Ian Campbell
(Assistant Editor on Set)
Christina Castro
(Editor - Video Journals) 
Rich Crater
(Casting Director)
Annie Chang
(Assistant to Producer)
  Chia-Yu Chen       Chris Dandridge       John Day     Jesse K. Dod   Brandon Fieri  

  Chia-Yu Chen
(Director of Photography)
      Chris Dandridge
(1st Assistant Cameraman)
      John Day
(Production Manager)

Jesse K. Dodd
(ADR Editor)
  Brandon Fieri


  Michael Fralin     Niles Hogue       Rex Hoss       John Kearns     Kelly Keiter     David Kruk  

  Michael Fralin
(Graphic Designer - Website) 
    Niles Hogue
(Assistant Editor)
      Rex Hoss
(Photographer and Actor)
      John Kearns
(Head of Grip/Electric, Co-Producer)
Kelly Keiter
(Public Relations)
    David Kruk
(Dialogue Editor, ADR mixer)


Nikki Jieun Lee   Matt Leikam   Judith Lin   Udi Loushi   Brad Lublin  
Nikki Jieun Lee
(Head of Visual Effects and Animation Department)

Matt Leikam
(Line Producer)

   Judith Lin
(Editor -  Promo Clips)

Udi Loushi
(1st Assistant Director)
  Brad Lublin
(Art Director)

Dan Marcus Sherry Mason Amy Mogavero   Michael Mullenix   Lance Osborn  

Dan Marcus
(Artistic Advisor)

Sherry Mason
(Script Supervisor)

Amy Mogavero
(Editor - Promo Clips & Trailer 2)   

Michael Mullenix
(2nd2nd Assistant Director, PA)


Lance Osborn
(Stunt Coordinator)


    stephanie Philippe      Marianne Parise   Stehen Parise   Noelle Paul Gerardo Perez Giusti Davin Pressnal  
    Stephanie Philippe (Movie Poster Designer)

    Marianne Parise
(Head of Make Up, FX & Hair Deapartment)
Stephen Parise
(Dialogue, Effects and M&E Editor)
Noelle Paul
(Set Dresser)
Gerardo Perez Giusti
(Composer-Original Music)
Davin Pressnal
(Production Sound Recordist)
Guillaume Raynaud   Rhona Rubio   Steve Shepherd   DIan Slater   Skip Spiro   Dean Smollar        
Guillaume Raynaud
(Boom Operator,
2nd Unit Sound Mixer)


Rhona Rubio
( Music Supervisor - Rights & Clearance)
Steve Shepherd
(Sound re-recording Mixer)
Ian Slater
(Social Media Manager & Graphic Designer-Marketing material)
  Dean Smollar
Thomas Sguario Vitaly Sumin   Adam Wheeler   Jolene Withers   Taesung Yim
Thomas Sguario
  Vitaly Sumin
  Adam Wheeler
(Still Photographer)

Jolene Withers
(Costume Supervisor)

  Taesung Yim
(Production & Postproduction Supervisor, Associate Producer)

This section, which will give you insight into what goes on during the process of making this movie, has photos of the production staff, the fine folks who have made this movie a reality.

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