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Natasha Blasick Rebecca Sigl   Jerry Prager   Nathanael Thiesen
Natasha Blasick
The Angel
Rebecca Sigl
The Call Girl
Jerry Prager
The Rich Guy

Nathanael Theisen
The Poor Guy

devorah Dishington

  Rachel Garlington
Julia Emelin
Raymond Alvarez Dimitry Karpov
Devorah Dishington
The Secretary
with a Secret

  Rachel Garlington
The Rich Guy's
New Lover
Julia Emelin
The Struggling

Raymond Alvarez
(in love with
Dimitry Karpov
The Mafia Spy

Max Pollack nicolai Tereshenko Landall Goolsby   Trip Hope
Max Pollack
The Mafia Boss
  Nicolai Tereshenko
The Mafia Pimp
      Landall Goolsby
Friend of Steven
    Trip Hope
Friend of Steven

             Doug Dane Rex Hoss Nick Bockelman Elnora Keller
              Doug Dane
             The Homeless

     Carol Kraft
   Friend of the Homeless
  Rex Hoss
The Drunkard
  Nick Bockelman
   Stunt Performer
Elnora Keller
   A Girl in the Audience (Bob's Show)


This section, which will give you insight into what goes on during the process of making this movie, has photos of the the great cast, the fine folks who have made this movie a reality.

Please visit Production Photos and Video Clips for more “behind the scenes” production content. You never know what you’ll find!  Interested in the history of this production? -Click here to Explore the Pre-Production content!

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