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The Picture Is Locked!

     By Vitaly Sumin (writer/director/producer)      

We have locked the picture! We went through a couple of cuts of the film, and we are happy to report that we are quite proud of our final cut. We've gotten some very positive feedback. Since the picture is locked, it means we can now forge ahead with Foley, ADR, sound effects, music, final mixing, and color correcting. It's always amazing to be reminded of just how much work goes into completing a film. It is particularly evident when doing an independent film on a small budget such as ours. I'm again reminded of the dedication and talent of everyone involved. It really was a joy to work with Skip Spiro, our picture editor, and Taesung Yim, our Production & Postproduction supervisor to see the film come together. 

Thank you again to the great cast and crew of “Notes from the New World” and to everyone who have put their time and talent into making this film come true!