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Haunted Production?

By John Fortin

VM Production's "Notes From the New World" suffered another setback this week when it was announced that The Theater Hub, a small live venue housing rehearsals for the film, will soon vanish.

Rich Crater, caretaker and director of the theater, was asked to leave the premises after the theater's landlord was offered an unspecified amount of money by an anonymous developer, effectively knifing Craters hope to have his contract renewed. The main wall of the theater will be torn down to combine the space with the adjacent restaurant.

This current setback compounds problems the "Notes" production has been experiencing for some months. Robert Hurley, a writer who helped director Vitaly Sumin develop the idea for the film, has disappeared with the original (and only copy of) shooting script Sumin entrusted to him. Crew members attempting to locate him have turned up evidence suggesting heavy intimidation on Hurley’s part by members of the Russian Mafia. Though the reasons for it aren't clear, the intimidation could possibly stem from Hurley’s owing of money due to losses incurred gambling;

But there has been a lot of talk involving possible interest in the occult, which crew members Colin Walsh, Kellie Yackee and others uncovered in his abandoned apartment. These bits of occult evidence also allude to a certain "code" that may be hidden in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel "Notes from the Underground," upon which the film is based. These codes have allegedly found their way into Hurley's notes and scripts, and it's rumored the mafia does not want these codes found out.

Sumin will need another month to adapt the script for whatever new location will be found.