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Screenwriter Disappears Midway Through Moviemaking

A group of filmmakers have taken a novel which has made an influence on modern day and are turning it into a cinematic masterpiece.  Robert Hurley, screenwriter of “Notes from the New World,” based on Dostoevsky’s “Notes from the Underground,” has vanished shortly after filing police records indicating harassment.   

According to Hurley, he saw a figure of a tall man prowling around his car in the parking lot.  Hurley stepped outside to shout and frighten the man, but the intruder made it out in time.  Other reports show Hurley was experiencing frequent nuisances.  Shortly after Robert Hurley informed VM Productions about his encounter with the prowler, he disappeared. A precious, original copy of the shooting script made in pencil with the director’s notes and breakdowns was stolen from Hurley’s home and a threatening letter was left on his desk.  The investigation conducted by the company won’t go into detail about what was written in the note. All that is known is the threats had to do with his current script.

Clues have raised suspicions that the members of the Russian mafia may be to blame.    “Notes from the New World,” tells the story of a young Hollywood actor who becomes tangled with a Russian prostitute and a Mexican immigrant.  The Russian mafia plays a role in this film and isn’t shown in a positive light. 

Neighbors say Hurley was a good man and can’t imagine he’d have any enemies.  Rebecca Studel, his neighbor, would chat with him while he fetched his morning paper.   “We would talk about how his script was coming along.  I used to joke that I wanted to be in one of his movies!”

According to Vitaly Sumin, producer and director, the film is still underway.  “He would have wanted us to go on with the show!”

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