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Mysterious Cult May Be Linked to Missing Screenwriter

By John Fortin

A new detail unfolds in the disappearance of Robert Hurley, a first time screenwriter. Crew member Colin Walsh, discovered an unfinished website created by Hurley detailing a secretive cult which has existed for over thousands of years. A preface written by Hurley suggests he was threatened as a result of his research into this cult.

Dark Onto Light began in 1950 B.C. and originally used women for sacrifice. It still exists today as a means of reaching out to God by getting the attention of Dark Forces. Throughout history, many well-known persons, including novelist F.M. Dostoevsky, have been secretly involved in this cult.

It is now thought that Hurley may have voluntarily joined Dark Onto Light and was possibly introduced by Natalya, the Russian call-girl with whom he kept company. Reasons for the threats against him and who is posing them is still unknown.

For more information about Robert Hurley and Dark Onto Light please visit www.notesthemovie.com and http://lighttodark.bravehost.com