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Behind the Scenes

  Adam Bergey   Christina Castro Rich Crater   Johnatan Edwards

    Adam  Bergey
(2nd Assistant Director)
  Christina Castro

Rich Crater
(Casting Director)
  Jonathan Edwards
(DP for "Behind the Scenes")

John Fortin   Michael Fralin     Abbi Gigliotti
  John Fortin
(PR Writer)
  Michael Fralin
(Graphic Designer)
  Abbi Gigliotti
((Assistant to Costume Designer)

Rex Hoss   Robert Hurley   Jennifer Kim   Sylvia Lee Mann   Matt Leikam
Rex Hoss
(Photographer and actor)
  Robert Hurley
(1st Draft Script Writer)
  Jennifer Kim
(Art Director)

   Sylvia Lee Mann
(Film Composer and Associate Producer)
  Matt Leikam
(Production Coordinator)

Judith Lin Amy Mogavero   Marianne Parise   Noelle Paul   stephanie Philippe
Judith Lin
(Editor - “Behind the Scenes” documentary & Promo Clips)
  Amy Mogavero
(Editor - Promo Clips) 
  Marianne Parise
(Make Up & FX Artist)

Noelle Paul
(Set Dresser)
  Stephanie Philippe
(Movie Poster Designer)

Josh Poppen jessica Prendes   Carol Rasphangtong   )    
Josh Poppen
(Assistant To Producer)

  Jessica Prendes
(Still Photographer)
  Carol Rasphangtong
(Production Designer)


Thomas Sguario Vitaly Sumin       Colin Walsh   Taesung Yim
Thomas Sguario
  Vitaly Sumin

Colin Walsh
(2nd Assistant Director)

  Taesung Yim
(Production Advisor/Supervisor and Associate Producer)

This section, which will give you insight into what goes on during the process of making this movie, has photos of the pre-production staff, the fine folks who are making this movie a reality.

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