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Rich Crater

Date: February 23

I have continued to hunt down more information in regards to the Russian Mafia ruining businesses throughout the State of California; and went downtown to the local courthouses in Los Angeles County, and it turns out the records have been resealed shut so nobody in the public can access these files without legal authorization. I will consult my friends in the legal arena and see that any information which can place Russian Mafia in the county intimidating businesses, so we can crack the case against them.

I do have a lead with this short list of names referred to myself for running a background check and hope it’s not a dead end; the individuals are the bodies of four men and woman all of Eastern European descent, who were recovered recently from the New Melones Reservoir near Stockton, California.

The five are identified as Georgy Safiev, Alexander Umansky, Meyer Muscatel, Nick Kharabadze, and Rita Peckler, who were allegedly involved with the Russian mafia according to the media interpretation which I will validate through further research.

So as VM Productions continues to film their project “Notes from the New World”, all the cast and crew are wondering where is the shooting script but even more concerned with the disappearance of their screenwriter Robert Hurley; who is rumored to have vanished shortly after reporting harassment from unidentified people, possibly matching the descriptions of the Russian mafia.

Then the fact there is a mysterious and secretive cult forces me to act more cautiously; as I work to rule out this possibility of a connection around the areas affected by murder or crimes.

As some of the reports or rumors circulating, detail shocking experiences of disappearances all across the map, and the scary remains of a bloody trail from some animal or human allegedly dragged from the crime scene. Leaving behind the mark of “Dark Onto Light” found at the crime scenes is starting to create a pattern in relation to these string of murders or disappearances.

What puzzles me right now, from the little information I have gathered so far, is that bodies have been found in the New Melones Reservoir, and no murder charges have been filed yet which brings to my attention in deep puzzlement that maybe the authorities are paid to slow down any follow-up leads into the deaths of these individuals. I am sure it can be proven that no one inside federal authorities or local police would jeopardize our safety.

The eerie thing with all of this is that everybody who is witness, or claims to have seen something, show no recollection of these events involving Russian mafia.

Date: January 20

My name is Josh Poppen. I have decided to join VM Productions with their project “Notes from the New World” because I am a big fan of the movie industry and often see films like this more so than a big blockbuster movie with a big name actor or actress. I believe that independent movies are the ones that challenge the audience. So I signed on to help the Director, cast, and crew film their project. My background is in Media Research and Analysis. My history of writing scholarly books like “Executive Conspiracy?” which sold out internationally is sure to bring attention those who read I am involved with this project.

Now it has come to my attention that a Russian mafia is in California ruining businesses surrounding them and as a result, five California bodies turned up linked to the group in what appears to be a kidnap-murder plot tied to the Russian Mafia leaving five Southern Californians dead; four people charged with kidnapping, two others charged with collecting ransom payments and authorities scrambling to locate co-conspirators in Russia.

I requested information under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), shortly after federal authorities on Thursday unsealed indictments against four people charged with kidnapping two Russian immigrants whose bodies were recovered from a Northern California reservoir in recent days. This story was released by CNN, and aired on television for days which got me concerned now that VM Productions is working on a project involving Russian Mafia characters. Will this bring out the real guys from a mafia to come after someone or will the project be safe right now for continuing production; this matter is a big reason why I wanted to help VM.

I never thought of the Russian mafia being in California and harming people or hurting businesses so this is news to me, I and will let you know more information as I uncover them.